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Board President Image 1
   Donna Grasel

  • Supervises the affairs of WCA
  • Sees that Board resolutions & policies are implemented
  • Designate two officers to sign contracts and other instruments authorized by or approved by Board
  • Appoint Chairs & Members of Standing and Special Committees
  • Fill resignations and vacancies on the Board who shall serve until the next election


  • Acts as sounding board and as a resource for the president

Board Past President Image
  Judy Lyons Schneider

Board Vice President Image
  Barbara Slezak

  • Cover duties for President, if she’s unavailable.
  • Order WCA name tags or work shirts for membership. Items to be paid for upon ordering.
  • Liason with ad hoc Hospitality Committee .


  • Collects annual dues.
  • Pay all bills.
  • Reconcile the checkbook with bank statement each month, present copy to President and Recording Secretary at monthly Board Meeting.
  • Submit an annual budget for upcoming year.

Board Treasurer Image
  Fran Richardson

Board Membership Chair Image
 Helene Hirmes

  • Encourages existing members to recommend potential new members .
  • Informs potential members to access our website to obtain the criteria for membership and the application form .
  • Processes applications and follows-up with email acceptance of new members
  • Sends reminders to current members (through “WCA Updates”) that dues are to be received between October 1st and November 30th for the following year.
  • Collects checks and coordinates payments with Treasurer.
  • Records payment of dues on roster.
  • Adds new members to roster.
  • Emails draft of roster to all members to ask for corrections and updates.
  • Coordinates with Webmaster to allow new members to show their work images on the WCA Website.


  • Writes and edits WCA News Updates 2 times monthly.
  • Updates and publishes current information on scheduled WCA events and programs,
  • Disseminates individual Member notices of upcoming exhibits and special classes, member news, photographs and articles of interest.
  • Announces information on location and hostesses of upcoming monthly Lunch Critiques.
  • Disseminates WCA News Updates via e-mail to all WCA members.

Board Corresponding Secretary Image
 Jana Millstone

Board Membership Chair Image
    Pat Pettit

  • Prepares and disseminates Board Meeting minutes.
  • Responsible for keeping accurate written records of all business decisions of the WCA Board of Directors.


  • Find venues for exhibitions.
  • Prepare exhibition prospectus.
  • Select a juror.
  • Select receiving and hanging committees.
  • Oversee reception arrangements, if necessary.

Board Exhibition Co-Chairs Image
      Bernice Gaines
      Jamie Friedli

Board Historian Image
    Kate Korp

  • Responsible for organizing and keeping records for WCA.
  • Files programs of exhibitions and photos submitted by members of their events in the WCA album.
  • Coordinates with WCA Photographer to update photo files.
  • Maintains any archival and historical documents to be kept for future reference in actual paper storage so they can be reviewed by members at regular membership meetings.

Board Vice President Image
  Marge Bennett

  • Responsible for general order and procedure at Board meetings
  • Reviews the bylaws on a regular basis and makes recommendations
  • Familiar with Roberts Rules of Order
Board Vice President Image
  Maggie Nevens

Board Scholarship Chair Image
    Gail White

  • End of November: Confirms identity and contact information of administrative offices at designated college in the rotation: New College, Ringling College or State College (North and South campus).
  • After the deadline, meets with the committee to select a recipient and notifies all applicants of the selection.
  • Requests their presence at the WCA End of the Year Party. The student should be prepared to share one or more artworks and a provide a short description her processes and objectives.
  • Obtains Award Certificate and makes presentation at the meeting.
  • Follows-up by encouraging the scholarship recipient to participate in WCA by attending future meetings and entering sponsored shows.


  • Receives contact mail from members re: changes requested, images changed, etc.
  • Works directly with webmaster re: changes, updates, maintenance of site.
  • Email Contacted: wcawebsiteinformation@gmail.com.

Committee - Webmaster Liason
          Judy Lyons Schneider

Committee - Publicity
  Cecile Moran

  • Creates and maintains publicity contact lists for print and media outlets.
  • Gathers information about WCA exhibitions and other newsworthy events from committee heads.
  • Creates a press release with detailed information about an event, which is sent out to the various media contacts.
  • Establishes deadlines for information relating to all exhibitions and events so that releases can be created and distributed at least 3 weeks prior to an event and then a follow up one week prior to an event.
  • Obtains digital images from WCA photography chairman and winning artists to maintain an image file for use in publicity.
  • Cultivates relationships when and wherever possible with media contacts.