Message from the President



It looks like it’s time to get ready for the upcoming season. First on our WCA list is the redoing of our website. In conjunction with it, we are having each member get their own page, even if they have their own website. What we are going to do, as well, is have a roster – for members only- of our members’ contact info along with a portrait photo of them. That should help us get to know each other a lot more quickly than in the past. SO….in order to get this changeover done ASAP, I am asking each member to send to the new designated email address the following information to the new designated e-mail address: WCAWEBSITEINFORMATION@GMAIL.COM. ONLY:

• A high resolution (300 dpi) head shot. Judy Kramer, our photographer, will be willing to take those photos at the upcoming Holiday Party (Sunday, Dec. 10th at Karen Billings home). She will use those shots for our site only. If you wish to have a CD copy for our own use, Judy will make one for you at a charge of $5.

• (4 ) images of your work (in high resolution – 300 dpi) If you want Judy K. to photograph your work, please bring the work to the party and she will take them to her studio to photograph them. The charge for each piece is $10. and a CD of all the work shot will be $5. We don’t want the same old, same old work always showing up on our site. We want people to see that we’re busy at work. Poor quality photos will not be accepted. Our goal is to have a site that reflects the quality of our membership.

• A short paragraph of about 3 sentences as a bio/artist statement. This will be included on your personal web page.

NOTE: If you don’t want to be shown on our site, ignore this message. Any WCA members who don’t send in the requested materials will not be included with a page of their own, but will have contact info (without photo) on our annual roster. If you’ve had a change of email address, be sure to let us know.

The deadline for this information will be sent out as soon as our new webmaster decides when that will be.
The address this info should be sent to is: WCAWEBSITEINFORMATION@GMAIL.COM.

The message headline should read: (Your Name) – attachments
Looking forward to seeing you all soon and sharing stories about our Annual Retreat, our upcoming programs – which sound terrific-, the Lunch Bunch Critiques and summer adventures.

Creatively yours,

Judy Lyons Schneider, President