WCA Board Meeting Minutes – May 2017

Women Contemporary Artists
Board Meeting –May 22, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 10:47 AM by the president, Judy Lyons Schneider. The minutes of the March 20th board meeting were submitted and approved.

In attendance were Judy Lyons Schneider, Marge Bennett, Bernice Gaines, Jamie Friedli, Donna Grasel, Helene Hirmes, Ellie Merritt, Cecile Moran, Maggie Nevens, Pat Pettit, Fran Richardson, Liz Trostli and Jana Millstone.

Treasurer’s Report: Fran reported on revenues and expenses for the 2017 Exhibition. There was a net cost for the exhibition of $1034.00. The report was then approved and filed.

Vice-president’s Report: It was noted that Nancy Turner and Donna Grasel are serving as co-vice presidents. There was nothing further to report.

Webmaster’s Report: Liz reports that she’s been working on improving the slideshow on the website, cleaning up some of the images and having a thumbnail click that then shows a larger image. She’d like to see new rules and standards for new members submitting images starting this year, for example include the artist’s name and title of the piece in the filename, and raise the quality standards for the photos. Judy raised the possibility of issuing a printed membership book, as WCA had done in the past. She said she would look into what this would cost.

Membership Report: Helene reported that she knows of four potential new members for the coming year. She asked that there be a reminder of the November 30th deadline for new member applications in the October newsletter. Jana suggested that WCA issue a formal invitation to potential new members, in the form of an email that current members could forward to friends.

Exhibition Report: Bernice reported that the 2017 Exhibition was very successful. There were 88 pieces submitted and 68 accepted into the show. Jamie asked for names of prospective jurors for the December 2018 exhibition at Art Center Manatee, and noted that she had called Mark Ormond at Ringling College to get WCA on the list for a future exhibition there.

Program Report: The new venue for general membership meetings will be at the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, in the Roskamp Center at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

Public Relations Report: Cecile said kudos were due to Ellie Merritt for her appearance on SNN promoting the 2017 exhibition at the Longboat Key Art Center. Cecile has written thank you letters to area publications who helped with publicity, including the Lakewood Ledger, Bradenton Herald, Scene Magazine and Season Magazine.

Scholarship Report: Gail reported that she is already at work on the 2018 scholarship award, which will be offered to students at Ringling College. She says the college has offered help with options and strategies for getting information out to students. Thank you letters have been received from the recipients of the 2017 scholarships and their contact information has been forwarded to Jana.

Open Issues/Old Business: Helene and Judy discussed the need for an application form for the new category of membership, which will be called Supporting Patron. They feel that it should be separate from the general membership form and include questions about volunteer opportunities within WCA, how the person heard about WCA and if they know others who might be interested.

New Business: There was discussion of a suggestion made by Nancy Rose to change the name of the Lunch Bunch gatherings to Art Critique. A motion was made to keep the current name; it passed unanimously. Jana raised the issue of the amount of money spent on prizes for the exhibition, and the need to award prizes at all. Bernice stated that the awarding of prizes attracts more professional artists to enter and raises the quality of the show. Ellie moved that WCA send a floral arrangement and card to Maryanthe Pastore, who is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. There was some debate over the possibility of creating a permanent fund for sending flowers to ill WCA members but the consensus was to leave it on a case by case basis. Donna raised the possibility of changing the rule against the use of oil paints at the retreat. After reviewing the reasons for the prohibition it was decided to keep the rule.

The next board meeting will be at 10:30 AM on August 21, 2017 at the home of Judy Lyons Schneider.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM.

Submitted by Recording Secretary Pat Pettit