WCA Board Meeting Minutes – Sept 2017

Women Contemporary Artists
Board Meeting – September 25, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 10:46 AM by the president, Judy Lyons Schneider. The minutes of the August 10th board meeting were submitted and approved.

In attendance were Judy Lyons Schneider, Marge Bennett, Susie Covert, Bernice Gaines, Jamie Friedli, Donna Grasel, Helene Hirmes, Ellie Merritt, Jana Millstone, Cecile Moran, Maggie Nevens, Pat Pettit, Fran Richardson, Marjorie Sayer, Liz Trostli, and Nancy Turner.

Treasurer’s Report: Fran reported income from the upcoming retreat of $6529.00 She issued refunds of $200 to 2 members who will be unable to attend. The current bank balance is $23,568.08.

Vice-president’s Report: Nancy had nothing to report.

Membership Report: Helene reported that she has sent invitational emails to 4 potential new members. She says the current membership count is 124. Maggie inquired as to whether it would be possible to note in the newsletter when someone’s contact information had changed. Jana says that when she makes changes to the roster she posts the change on DropBox where members can check for the updated information. Helene noted that the new category of Supporting Patron would be added to the end of the roster, separate from the general membership.

Exhibition Report: Bernice reviewed the dates and venues for the 2018 and 2019 exhibitions.
The 2018 show will run from 12/6/2018 through 1/11/2019 at the Manatee Art Center.
The 2019 show will run from 6/28 through 8/1 at Ringling College of Art and Design.
She also reviewed the changes made at last month’s board meeting to the size restrictions for entries to the exhibition, now set at a horizontal maximum of 35” and vertical maximum of 72”.

Public Relations Report: Cecile reported that she has submitted information about WCA to the Sarasota Arts Alliance, to be included on their website. She reported that Art Center Sarasota, Manatee Art Center and Venice Art Center will all post information about becoming a member of WCA.

Program Report: Marjorie and Donna reviewed the programs for the upcoming general membership meetings.
November 20: Jean Joseph Renoux will give a talk entitled Vienna: Art, Architecture and Klimt
January 15: Pamela Olin
February 19: Baila Miller will speak about Modernism:Picasso Stein Steiglitz

Scholarship Report: No report

Webmaster’s Report: Liz reports the following updates and improvements to the website: newsletter updates are visible to all members, application forms for membership and Supporting Patron are available, and information on exhibitions and general membership meetings is current. She has purchased a plug-in program that enables printing of any page from the website.

Open Issues/Old Business:
1. The question of whether or not to publish a printed membership booklet was discussed at length. The cost of the booklet to members, how many members would want to purchase one, the need for a new photo of each member and how to pay for and have them taken, and how to handle ordering and paying for printing were all considered. An informal poll was taken of the board on these 3 options:
Do nothing new, continue with the present membership roster on the website – 3 votes
Print a membership booklet with photos to sell to members – 3 votes
Create an printable online booklet with photos – 9 votes
It was agreed that producing this booklet would take several months and would require the efforts of several people to bring it together. Judy will make a presentation to the general membership at the November meeting to gauge the amount of interest in this.

2. Judy reported that she had been looking into getting additional help with the website and that she had an appointment to meet with a web developer about streamlining and re-vamping the existing website. Maggie moved that Judy, Liz and Jana meet with the developer, Pam Newberry, regarding options for the WCA website and report back to the board. The motion was seconded by Nancy and approved.

New Business: The holiday party is scheduled for Sunday December 10. No location has been set but Jana will put a request for a host in the next newsletter. It was mentioned that Karen Billings had offered to host the parties anytime a place was needed.

Marjorie announced that she’s had an offer from Jennifer Peck to host an event about promoting art on social media. She and Donna plan to try to schedule this for sometime in March. They are also planning a docent-led tour of St. Pete graffiti art for the WCA board in January, and a Best of Ringling tour in April.

The next board meeting will be on November 20th at 12 PM, preceding the general membership meeting at 2 PM. The new meeting location is the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, in the Roskamp Center at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:29 PM.

Submitted by Recording Secretary Pat Pettit