A Message from Our President

To all WCA Members,

Well, it’s happened again!!! Another season is drawing to a close and the WCA snowbirds are starting to empty their freezers and pantries.

Our Lunch Bunch meetings have always been a useful way to get work critiqued, get to know fellow artists better and bond, and learn about many materials and techniques that get shared. It’s also a great way just to be with kindred spirits. To that end, the Board and I want to try something new to add to WCA’s value. If there’s a decent response, and maybe even if there isn’t, we’d like to meet in the months that have special events and no Membership Meetings to just get together to talk about our work, about a current exhibit that’s in one of our area’s museums or art centers, or maybe take a day trip to a place of interest, have someone do a demo, or whatever it is that you’d like from WCA. Our idea is that it be an informal way to get to know more about each other and how we work. Please email me at JLSArtStudio@aol.com with any ideas you have about what you’d like WCA to be for you.

Something else to think about—– Our officers’ term of service is two years. Many of us (myself included) have one more year to go. Why not start thinking about stepping up to the plate and do some sincere thinking about how you can help run this organization. You’ve a year to think and observe. One thing you may have noticed is that people on the Board have enjoyed working with the other artists, who have become good friends over time, and are happy to stay on the Board. But we need new ideas and energy. To misquote JFK, “Think not what WCA can do for you, but what you can do for WCA”.

See you at the Event, and email me your thoughts about what you’d like WCA to become.

Creatively yours,
Judy Lyons Schneider

WCA President
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