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Jamie Friedli

Jamie Friedli's Photo
Jamie Friedli has long been one of Sarasota’s most respected and collected artists, with a distinguished history of study with such prominent artists as Wolf Kahn and Joseph Perrin. Continuing education in the visual arts is a life-long pursuit for Jamie, who has attended the Harris Institute of Art in Nashville and the Atlanta College of Art. She, in turn, as taught for years, has held many leadership positions in the Florida art community, and has been recognized through impressive awards for her work. She recently won second place with the Florida Artist Group at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.

Jamie states that, “As an artist, I feel that art simply needs to be an experience with nature. I enjoy exploring the many layers of color, shape, texture, and motion that nature has to offer. Using these elements, I create an image that reflects my personal experience, emotion and vision. Having always been an en plein air painter, I seek inspiration and creative expression from the world around me, attempting to capture that world on-site, with immediate reaction to changing light, time of day, and the mood of the moment. Through the media of acrylics and oils, my art has moved toward more abstract representation by giving less information and more personal interpretation.”