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Lorene Erickson

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Although I do paint representational pieces, I define myself as an abstract painter. I use inks, watercolors, dyes and acrylics, sand, paint skins and, rarely, collage. I use spatulas, rollers, palette knives, hair picks, forks, trowels, cardboard, and...yes...my fingers...to create vitality in colors, layers, textures. I delight in layering paints, scraping them back to reveal under colors, lifting colors, letting colors run happily into each other. I frequently mix colors directly on the canvas rather than use a palette. My first application of colors and textures in an abstract, however, is only the beginning. I work and work and work again until I am happy with what I have created. I hope people will say, "Wow, I remember a place...or a dream...or a feeling like that" when looking at and perhaps owning my paintings.