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Sally Coler

Sally Coler's Photo
Sally’s love of mosaic art began over 30 years ago when she and a partner opened Tile Gallery, a custom tile and stone business, with showrooms in Alexandria, VA and the Washington, DC Design Center. She began collecting unique ceramics, glass and marbles and in 1989 started Mosaic Madness. Her line of tiles and basins was distributed throughout the United States by Wholesale Tile and Accessories

She also designs and produces table tops, mirrors, wall hangings and outdoor garden ornaments.

During her years in the Northeast, she visited Sarasota many times. She loved creating art with seashells and one of her mirrors was sold to the Kennedy family in Washington, DC.

Since moving to Florida, she has begun concentrating on sea life and outdoor motifs.

To see more of Ms Coler's work, vist her web site: SallysMosaicFurnitureandTile.com