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Yolanda Seitz-Burman

Yolanda Seitz-Burman's Photo
Tranquility and Joy is how Yolanda feels when sculpting, those same feelings are what she hopes to transmit through her art work. She is a student of Nancy Heart, and is inspired by classic art and people from all times and places.

Her mother was a Spanish classical dancer and her father a circus performer; therefore, as a child Yolanda did a lot of traveling around Europe. During her formative years she lived in Madrid, Spain. After moving to America she spent 10 years touring the U.S. for work before settling down to pursue more traditional objectives. Yolanda lives in Sarasota, Florida, a city rich in art and culture where she has exhibited work in the local Art Centers, the Art Up Town Gallery in Sarasota, and Big Cypress Gallery in Ochopee after receiving a Merit Award for The Find from Clyde Butcher at the “Inspired Show” Venice Art Center.

Yolanda loves forming clay to create a figure that captures a feeling, an expression, or a moment in time.